The TOKE Agency

We’ve Got the Funk;

Gotta Have That Funk.

The TOKE Agency is a revolutionizing, trailblazing digital marketing agency that’s all about helping medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries reach new levels. We don’t just do marketing; we bring the funk to the cannabis scene by dishing out extraordinary digital strategies that crank up the results and send brands soaring to the highest heights.

Why TOKE with Us?

We’re The TOKE Agency, your cannabis content connoisseurs.

Our deep industry knowledge lets us craft engaging, compliant content, freeing you to focus on your business.

Multi-location dispensary challenges?

We’ve got it covered. Our personalized content strategies hit the mark, promoting growth with tailor-made solutions.

35+ years of digital marketing experience?

You bet. We’ve grooved in the cannabis scene for over three years, crafting strategies harmonizing with industry wants and needs.

Customer service? Our specialty.

We’re all about transparency, fast responses, and friendly support. Expect flexibility, availability, and ROI that’s music to your ears.

It’s all in the details? We think so, too.

Expect top-quality deliverables that align with your goals and medical and recreational cannabis dispensary.

Let’s groove to growth together!

We’re your partners, vibing with your vision and smashing marketing goals.

Meet Our Team

Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams


Lisa is the groovy trailblazer behind TOKE. With her visionary mojo and dreams that reach for the stars, she sets the stage for our righteous journey. But Lisa’s not all business; she’s got a supernova of spirit. She’s effortlessly cool and always down for a good time. At the helm of the TOKE crew, she’s more than just the boss—she’s the heart and soul of our operation.

Deedra Baker

Deedra Baker

Marketing Manager

Deedra is our detail dynamo. With a background in photography and design, she creates visuals that’ll blow your mind. But she’s not stoppin’ there—she’s a master at crafting killer copy and curating stellar digital content. Beyond her creative chops, Deedra’s the backbone of our squad, making sure everyone’s groovin’ toward a shared vision.

Jessica Sheils

Jessica Sheils

Marketing Manager

Meet Jess, the creative powerhouse behind TOKE’s far-out content. She aces the craft of whipping up sharp, attention-grabbing copy. She’s a social media master, boosting clients’ online swagger with posts that pop. Jess is the epitome of content excellence and a creative force, all in one funky package. If you’re after content that sizzles and sticks, Jess is the cat you wanna connect with.

You Say You Want a Revolution

At TOKE, we vibe on diversity and empowerment. As a woman-founded and powered crew, we’re all about nurturing a lively community that celebrates every voice. We dig the power of diversity to fuel innovation, creativity, and progress, and we’re committed to a space where everyone can thrive. Join the revolution and embrace the TOKE groove!