Case Studies

Experience Growth With The TOKE Agency

Breaking the Grass Ceiling


The TOKE Agency collaborated with CODES, a new dispensary aiming to expand its business and reimagine its digital marketing and customer loyalty initiatives. With ambitions to break into fresh markets and elevate its brand, the client enlisted TOKE’s expertise for this transformative journey. Recognizing the potential for synergy, TOKE eagerly accepted the challenge and prepared to craft a customized strategy to propel the client’s growth to new heights.


The TOKE Agency and the client collaborated to define precise objectives: boosting brand awareness, fostering customer loyalty, and maximizing ROI. We crafted tailored strategies to capture the client’s distinctive vibe and voice, ensuring authenticity and resonance with the audience. This partnership paved the way for remarkable results and long-term success.

With a profound grasp of the client’s target market, TOKE customized strategies to address their preferences and aspirations. We navigated compliance regulations while embracing the brand’s tone, voice, and visuals to forge a robust connection between the brand and the customer. Leveraging innovative loyalty programs, we meticulously crafted each text & email campaign, ensuring tailored communications reached their audience effectively. Continuously measuring success metrics, we optimized performance to achieve concrete outcomes. This holistic approach fostered customer loyalty and maximized ROI, reinforcing the brand’s bond with its audience.


The collaboration between The TOKE Agency and CODES resulted in remarkable achievements within five months.

  • Loyalty program subscribers surged by an impressive 61%, soaring from 23,000 to 35,000.
  • Campaign engagement reached new heights with a remarkable 39% open rate and an impressive 25% click-through rate.
  • TOKE’s loyalty campaigns delivered an incredible 300x return on investment (ROI), highlighting the effectiveness of tailored marketing strategies.

By seamlessly integrating digital marketing initiatives with the client’s expansion efforts, TOKE significantly improved brand awareness, loyalty, and customer satisfaction.


The TOKE Agency and CODES achieved extraordinary growth through a harmonious collaboration fueled by creativity, innovation, and a shared vision for success. By prioritizing authenticity, adaptability, and loyalty, TOKE met and exceeded the client’s expectations, elevating their brand to unprecedented heights within the competitive cannabis market.