Make Your Mark

Groove with The TOKE Agency

Managing your cannabis dispensary can get hectic—spinning through inventory, profit margins, compliance, and keeping your customers satisfied! We get it. The cannabis industry comes with its own set of challenges. But TOKE helps you deal with these challenges. How? We already work with people like you to help dispensaries grow.


Hit the High Notes

Your dispensary is unique, and so is our approach to marketing it. Our personalized strategy puts your goals, values, and aspirations front and center.

If you’re leading your dispensary to success, we know you’re craving simplified marketing solutions, compliance expertise, and a reliable partner for brand consistency in the face of strict regulations.


We’re Your Budz

We bring the funk to cannabis marketing and redefine what it means to be a true partner in success.
TOKE understands your needs, your challenges, and your goals. We’re not just a digital marketing agency; we’re the gal next door you’ve been searching for, eager to become your BFF. Your dispensary deserves greatness, and that’s what we’ll achieve together. Let’s groove together on this marketing expedition and watch your cannabis business rise to new heights of success!

Why TOKE with Us?

Our deep industry knowledge lets us craft engaging, compliant content, freeing you to focus on your business.

Multi-location dispensary challenges?

We’ve got it covered. Our personalized content strategies hit the mark, promoting growth with tailor-made solutions.

35+ years of digital marketing experience?

You bet. We’ve grooved in the cannabis scene for over three years, crafting strategies harmonizing with industry wants and needs.

Customer service? Our specialty.

We’re all about transparency, fast responses, and friendly support. Expect flexibility, availability, and ROI that’s music to your ears.

It’s all in the details? We think so, too.

Expect top-quality deliverables that align with your goals and medical and recreational cannabis dispensary.


Get Growing

Ready to elevate your cannabis marketing game? Whether you have questions or ideas or just want to chat about how to funk up your brand, let’s be budz and create something groovy together!


Love Goes Both Ways

I’ve had the privilege of working with The TOKE Agency for a significant period now, and it’s been nothing short of a transformative experience for GOOD DAY FARM. Their expertise, ranging from impeccable copywriting to meticulous attention to detail, has seamlessly integrated into our workflow, elevating our communication standards with our valued patients and customers. What sets them apart, however, is their proactive approach. They don’t just collaborate—they innovate, consistently bringing fresh, creative ideas to the table. Their suggestions have played a pivotal role in amplifying our store engagement and boosting our revenue. Partnering with The TOKE Agency has been one of our most fruitful decisions to date.

Dasia A.