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Build a Brand That Turns Your Consumers into Regulars, for Good.

In the ever-evolving cannabis world, TOKE is here to support and guide you through the digital marketing scene. With industry insight and compliance-savvy strategies, we’re your partner in success every step of the way. Let’s funk it up!


Vibe with Your People

Say goodbye to the struggle of finding the perfect approach, as we tailor simplified solutions that effortlessly hit the high notes with your target audience.

— Brand Story & Messaging
— Digital Marketing Strategy
— Content Strategy
— Long-Form Content Creation
— Text & Email Communications
— Social Media Management

Brand Story & Messaging

Dive into the world of high vibes and good times!

Let us be your cannabis compass, leading you through the groovy journey of crafting your dispensary story. We’re all about tapping into the authentic essence that sets your brand apart. Team up with TOKE to spin a brand tale that’s as smooth as your favorite strain and as chill as a laid-back Sunday sesh.

— Brand Story
— Brand Voice
— Visual Storytelling

Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s world, your cannabis dispensary needs a digital marketing strategy.

As more consumers groove online, nailing that rock-solid digital marketing strategy is the secret to any flourishing business. And guess what? TOKE’s got your back. We’re all about tuning in to your target audience and amping up your brand’s digital vibes to drive more traffic and sales to your website. So, let’s roll with the digital revolution!

— Target Audience
— Unique Point of View
— Identify Goals
— Online Channels Audit


Return on Investment


Cost Per Conversion

Content Strategy

Get in the groove with our cannabis-focused content strategy service—tailored to elevate your content to new highs.

Our team of experts will jam alongside you to craft a solid approach that covers all the bases, from social media to blog posts and email marketing. We believe content is queen, so we ensure everything we create is engaging and relevant to your target audience. Let’s work together to create something unique and attract the right consumers to your brand.

— Content Audit
— Target Audience
— Unique Point of View
— Content Calendar
— Engagement Strategy

Long-Form Content Creation

Recognizing the vital role of SEO and the profound influence of high-quality cannabis content, we’re attuned to more than just elevating your website’s search rankings.

It’s about captivating your audience, nurturing trust in your brand, and solidifying your status as an industry frontrunner through carefully crafted content. Our expertise lies in propelling your brand as the go-to weed guru, driven by in-depth material that sets industry benchmarks. So kick back, chill, and let us do the legwork—you’ll be stoked you did.

— Blogs
— Newsletters
— Guidebooks

Text & Email Communications

Ready to flaunt your flower, gummies, vapes, and more to a massive audience?

It’s all about ensuring the right people hear what you’ve got to say at just the right time. Our far-out text and email campaigns don’t just captivate and maximize your reach—they also comply with the evolving cannabis industry. Keep your customers in tune with events, promos, and new products right as it’s happening, and get ready for epic ROI.

— Content Strategy
— Text & Email
— Content Creation
— Graphic Design


Open Rate


Click-Through Rate

Social Media Management

Social media isn’t just about posting; it’s a mind-blowing strategy that nurtures an authentic online vibe and tunes into the heartbeat of cannabis culture.

It’s like weaving a tapestry that bonds folks to your brand, elevates your reach, and gets everyone grooving. A solid strategy is key for engaging in today’s interconnected world. Meet TOKE: We craft, schedule, and curate outta-sight content across platforms. We keep your brand voice consistent and totally in tune with real-time buzz and use data insights for informed decisions. Let’s dive into your social media and drop some seriously rad content together.

— Content Strategy
— Organic Social Media
— Content Creation
— Graphic Design


90-Day Instagram Reach


90-Day Instagram Post Engagement


Let’s TOKE

Are you ready to elevate your cannabis dispensary? Say goodbye to overwhelm and welcome excellence with The TOKE Agency as your ultimate wingwoman. Our groovy digital marketing strategies are tailored to conquer unique industry challenges, driving engagement, conversions, and brand loyalty. Infused with unmatched proficiency in cannabis content creation and compliance, we craft a seamless brand voice that deeply connects. Let’s amplify your weed empire together and vibe in success! Ready to start the journey? Let’s rock it!

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    Love Goes Both Ways

    I’ve had the privilege of working with The TOKE Agency for a significant period now, and it’s been nothing short of a transformative experience for GOOD DAY FARM. Their expertise, ranging from impeccable copywriting to meticulous attention to detail, has seamlessly integrated into our workflow, elevating our communication standards with our valued patients and customers. What sets them apart, however, is their proactive approach. They don’t just collaborate—they innovate, consistently bringing fresh, creative ideas to the table. Their suggestions have played a pivotal role in amplifying our store engagement and boosting our revenue. Partnering with The TOKE Agency has been one of our most fruitful decisions to date.

    Dasia A.